Successful, Confident Speeches


If you have been asked to give a speech for a specific event, a few coaching sessions will make all the difference to your confidence and success.

Karin Karian is a very experienced Voice and Presentation coach, who can
give you as much help as you need to prepare a great and memorable speech.

If you want to build your confidence, find ideas and inspiration, write something you're really proud of and ensure you're completely equipped with all the presentation skills you'll need, a Speech Coach is the best way to stop being nervous and create something special which everyone will remember.
You may even enjoy it!

If you need help to write or edit your speech - whether you've made speeches before or you feel you have no idea where to start - it helps to start preparing as early as possible.

If you've been putting it off and left it to the last minute, it's worth calling Karin
as soon as you can. She'll help you catch up and do the best possible job
in the available time.

Even just one session will give you noticeable improvements. If you have time, progress spread over a few weeks will get even better results.

The secret is to be natural and be yourself. Some homework to find out a little about your audience and the event itself will pay dividends and make the preparation process so much easier. 

Once you're happy with what you've written, lots of practice is the key to making sure everything goes smoothly on the day or night. Using effective and expressive body language and visual aids will complement your words, particularly if you work with your strengths and your own personality.

Karin Karian, B. Ed, Dip Com, NLP has a long and trusted reputation and a knack
for getting fast and exceptional results.

Whatever your background, personality and style, you can achieve an original, uplifting speech to a level you didn't believe you were capable of.

Everything Karin recommends has been tried and tested hundreds of times with real people in real situations, so you'll get the benefit of what actually works! 

Karin is always happy to answer your questions. Why not give her a call now
to discuss your event and/or book a session:

Karin Karian, B. Ed, Dip Com, NLP
Office: 01202 253704
Mobile: 07773 493770
Email: karin@vocalsolutions-uk.com


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