Writing & Editing
Write expressively, fluently, relevantly and accurately.


Karin Karian, B. Ed, Dip Com, NLP provides confidential writing coaching for people who need advice or help with copy-writing or editing for a specific project or who wish to raise their general writing skills level.  

You may be an author, manager, student, blogger, someone in a new role or seeking a career change... 

If you're an experienced professional, you may be looking for editorial help for
a book or writing project, or to hone your blogging or article-writing skills.

If you're a developing professional, it's a sound investment to improve your writing skills so that they reflect the quality of your company and make a good first impression. Feeling more confident about your written communications will have lasting impact and everyone will notice the difference. 

You may have different reasons altogether for developing your writing skills - a personal project, letter-writing, something creative and unique...

Whatever the reason, a writing coach is a good investment. Everything you achieve will be lasting, and you will make surprisingly fast progress.

Creative Intelligence
From pacing and paragraphing to openings and endings, vocabulary and phrasing to style, punctuation and grammar; from tone and context to eloquence and ideas, you will retain full copyright of your project and Karin will be alongside as you create, amend and present your work to an exceptional standard. 
Every skill you develop will be transferable to all future projects and even
one session will make a noticeable difference.

Emotional Intelligence
You will also increase your awareness of your audience and/or readership, your intended demographic, their expectations and assumptions - and not least, your own!

Understanding how what you write is likely to be received, and why, will be an important consideration during the process and will help you hone your work
more effectively.


Sessions are relaxed and informal, and will usually be 90 minutes or 120 minutes depending on your project, budget and time availability.

Karin can stay with you for the duration of your writing project at intervals to suit you or for a brief injection of ideas and/or honing in just a handful of sessions - whichever you prefer. 
For general writing skills development you can book a regular weekly or fortnightly session, or start with one and add further sessions as you go.

Appointments can sometimes be made at short notice if you have an urgent deadline - it's always worth calling to ask.



Karin is always happy to answer your questions. Why not give her a call now
to discuss your project:

Karin Karian, B. Ed, Dip Com, NLP
Office: 01202 253704
Mobile: 07773 493770
Email: karin@vocalsolutions-uk.com


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Writing Coaching in Bournemouth covering Dorset and Hampshire
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